Edge avoiding wavelets for GIMP

EAWTool is a small program, which allows to use edge avoiding wavelets on the L* channel of the image. Together with a small wrapper script it can be seemlessly used from GIMP. More information about edge avoiding wavelets on my blog post about it. 

This is still only a testing base for the EAW algorithm, showcasing the sandbox made of dlRaw. The main reason was, that the plugin elsamuko kindly offered does not yet work on windows (at least as far as I know). Win32 binaries are available for EAWTool.

Basic building and installation instructions are included in the corresponding files.


  • Read this.
    • Read the information files included in the packages.
  • Make sure GIMP and python work together. (python in GIMP for windows)
  • Make sure the script and the program are executable.
  • Delete the corresponding file in ~/.config/mm (Linux) \"user data"\mm (Windows).
  • Contact me Wink

Feedback is very welcome.

greets mike