Linux software for photography

Just to give you an impression which tools I use besides dlRaw and how my workflow looks like:

dcraw: This is the main tool on which nearly all other programms rely for raw decoding, even on windows.

darktable: This quite young project has some enthusiastic developers. Like RawTherapee it also wants to be an all in one solution, they are even working on tethered shooting. So, just have a look, if the current development version already fits your needs.

digiKam: A database application for sorting, tagging and viewing images. It also features easy image processing, but you can also use your tool of choice right out of digikam just by the 'open with' command. It's a KDE application and with the recent development it is also available on windows. Digikam is my application of choice for managing my photo collection.

F-Spot: The gnome counterpart to digikam, so also a quite feature rich collection manager. I don't use it, because I'm very happy with digikam, but that my be different for you, so go ahead and check it out.

Geeqie: A very fast image viewer (also RAW image viewer) with histogram and exiv data. It also features basic collection management. I use it as a fast viewer for the first sorting of my images. 

gimp: THE image editor on linux (although there is more competition now). dlraw and ufraw feature buttons to send the processed image to gimp for fine tuning or local adjustments. Just make sure you also get the plugins gmic and mathmap and also scripts from plugin database and FX foundry. And if you wish my enhancements for gimp.

hugin: Open source panaorama tool, it can also be used for getting the correction data for lensfun from a lens.

Qtpfsgui: Open source HDR application. I'm not so into HDR but sometimes it is necessary.

Rawstudio: Again an all in one solution, whose development seems to speed up in recent weeks. Besides their blog I haven't checked the software, so it's up to you.

RawTherapee: It is a all in one solution, collection manager and image processor. It's quite easy to use while many usefull features are available. It was the first tool I used when starting image manipulations. The latest official release is closed source. However, the current development is done open source. Smile It is not yet production ready, but it got a new attractive interface and some powerful new algorithms are included. You should really try the latest development version (get it in their forum).

UFRaw: A basic raw converter, not so feature rich but very mature and stable, I would say production ready. The latest CVS version is usually up to date with the current dcraw version, so if you have a very recent camera ufraw is the first choice. I used it very long before starting to help on dcraw. Sadly after some activity on their list, it got quite silent during the last weeks...

Further projects which I haven't tested, just to give you an impression whats around:

Update: There is now a far longer list on

Latest update 2010-07-02.